Sister Sydney Barber

Sister Sydney Barber
Sister Sydney Barber

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


  Here we go! So:

  1.   This week was challenging, but good. Both Waianae ward and Makaha ward do not have ward mission leaders at the moment, so it has been a little bit crazy, as far as our correlation meetings and ward council. We were able to meet with both bishops, however, so we were able to figure some things out. Both of the bishops are very hard-working. I am confident that we will all be able to work together well, so that we can help the work progress in our areas. 
  2.   There is a woman in our ward who is very missionary minded. Her name is Sister Pa'a'aina She talks to everyone that she meets about the gospel. She has placed several Books of Mormon in the area over the 40 something years she has lived here and she wrote down their names and addresses as well. Sister Jolley and I were able to get over 40 names from her journals, so we are going to try to contact as many of them as we can this week. It was like Christmas all over again!! So wonderful!
  3.   Many of the people that we have been teaching have not been able to meet with us for a while, because of things that have come up in their lives. It is amazing how one week things can be going so well, and then the next week everything starts to fall apart. We have been praying for our investigators though, and I know that Heavenly Father is looking out for them. We just need to do all that we can, and then trust Heavenly Father. 
  4. On Sunday, during fast and testimony meeting, one of our recent converts got up and bore his testimony on prayer. He is 9 years old. He told a story about how he had to pray that their car wouldn't get taken away, and it worked. It was so sweet! Everyone in the chapel could feel the spirit, I am sure! Kanita was going to bear her testimony, but I don't think that she expected the time to go by so quickly, so she missed her chance for this month. I hope she will get up next month though. 
  I am so happy! Seriously! I love the work here! It has been hard, but that has just made me appreciate the members and the help that Heavenly Father gives us every day! Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers! I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful new year! 

Love, Sister B

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