Sister Sydney Barber

Sister Sydney Barber
Sister Sydney Barber

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


 Sister Jolley and I have had such a crazy week. Here it is:

  1.  MLC on Monday. We had MLC on Monday, which took all day long. We didn't get home until right before our appointment with the Davidsons. Then we went to our appointment and then had to go pick up our dinner. By the time we got home it was just before curfew. 
  2. Tuesday we had our P-day, so we deep cleaned our pad, emailed, did laundry and then we had an appointment at 2:30. Then, we had to wash our car and then we had dinner and then we tried to contact people until it was time to go home.
  3. Wednesday we had service in the morning, and then we had an appointment with Albert and his mom. It was so cute. Kanita, Albert's mom, kept telling us that, even though Albert was with his friends, he was still thinking about his baptism. She said that he couldn't stop talking about it, and then he asked her if she would cut his hair for the baptism..which I will bring up again later... then we had one of our new investigator's, Tihani, baptismal interview. Tihani is amazing!! She is going to be baptized on the 2nd. :)
  4. Thursday! Christmas Eve! We had Albert's baptismal interview in the morning, which took a lot more time than we had expected, but it was still good. We tried to visit people all day, but everyone was out of town or not home when we came! In the evening, we joined the Gilbert family for their family Christmas party. It was super fun! Their family is great! 
  5. Friday! Christmas! We had service at an old-folk's home. We played BINGO, actually it was JINGO.. it was super fun! Then we went to the stake center and watched the movie, "The Cokeville Miracle." It was really good. Then, Sister Jolley and I went to Bishop Velasco's house. We skyped our families, which was wonderful, and then we had sushi for dinner! It was awesome! 
  6. Albert was baptized on Saturday!! It was so amazing! The baptism was really really small, but the spirit was definitely there! His mom and older sister were there, and they couldn't stop smiling! They were so cute! Then we had to go to town, because one of Sister Jolley's past investigator's sister was there, so we went to be with her. 
Overall, our week was really insane, but it was really good. We are looking forward to another great week! I hope that you are all doing well, and that you all are able to have a wonderful New Year!

Happy New Years! I love you all!

Love, Sister B

P.S. I will send pictures next week

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