Sister Sydney Barber

Sister Sydney Barber
Sister Sydney Barber

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Well, last week was kind of an interesting week. Sister Jolley and I had to go to Honolulu twice, because had to get retested for TB, so that took up two days, because we are on the opposite side of the island, and traffic is awful here. Then, Sister Jolley got super super sick. She couldn't even stand up, so I stayed in and studied, and then I also made a tree topper for our sad little Christmas tree. So, overall, the week was pretty slow. However, we did get to meet a lot of people! We talked to a bunch of people when we were in Honolulu for our TB test. We met a woman who has a journal full of phone numbers of people that have offered her help, so that was interesting. Then, we met a kid from American Samoa, who actually ended up being a member. Then, while going to meet up with a family, so that we could walk them to church (I'll tell you about them later), we met a man, who ended up being the father of one of our investigators. He was super nice, and we are going to try to get their whole family to come to church this Sunday! Pretty cool. 
  Anyways, the family I was talking about is a less-active family in the ward. They rarely ever come, because they don't have a car and, even though they live super close to the chapel, they don't want to walk. So, Sister Jolley and I offered to walk with them, so that they didn't have to come alone. They agreed two Sundays ago, and they came, but this last Sunday they told us last minute that they weren't coming. Most of our investigators didn't come this week either, but one of them did, so that's good. 
   We had MLC and Mission Tour, which were both amazing! All of the training really made me reflect a lot on the work that I am doing, and the areas that I need to improve on. I have a lot to change. Sister Jolley and I both decided that we are going to change right now. We had an appointment with an investigator as soon as we got home, and the investigator and his wife LOVE to talk story. It's always a struggle to have the discussion completely focused, and it is especially hard to keep the lesson under an hour. We prayed before we went into the appointment that we would be able to know how to keep the focus on the lesson, as well as how to keep the lesson short, but still have it be a spiritual experience that would help our investigator have the desire to keep his commitments. We discussed a few ways that we could accomplish the goals that we had set, and then walked up to the house. Our investigator's father, who is not a member, happened to be at their house, and he loves to talk story just as much as the other two. I was nervous at first, but then I remembered the training that we had received earlier, and I knew that I needed to have faith that the Lord would help us, if we were willing to do our part. So, I brought out my Book of Mormon and began to tell the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. The story caught the attention of all three of them. They all listened attentively to me and they did for Sister Jolley as well. They also gave very great comments, that helped us to know what they needed, which then allowed us to know how to better extend the commitments to them, so that they would keep them. The lesson was about 45 minutes, and it was one of the best lessons we have ever had with them. I know that it is because of our desire to be obedient, as well as our love for our investigators that we were able to accomplish both of our goals. Heavenly Father blesses those who are pure in heart and who desire to do His will the way that He wants it done. I am not perfect, and I know that perfection is not something that i will achieve any time soon, but I can be exact in my obedience. I love this gospel, and I know that it is true. They Lord will help us, if we are willing to listen and obey. I love you all! Have a wonderful week!! 

Sister Barber

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