Sister Sydney Barber

Sister Sydney Barber
Sister Sydney Barber

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


 Aloha, my lovely family and friends!!!

    Here is an overview of last week!!!

  Monday was a regular day, so we went to visit people until the evening, when we made chili for the Trunk or Treat! We made spam chili! It was interesting, for sure! We cut our spam into little ghosts and skeletons and pumpkins and then put whatever we had into the chili! It was fun!
  We were supposed to go to the temple on Tuesday for pday, but we got stuck in traffic, so we missed our session. So, we were pretty bummed, until we were invited to do initiatories and sealings. It was amazing. I have never done them before, so it was really special! Then, we had to take our car in for a 1 o'clock appointment to get our oil changed, but then it ended up that it didn't get changed until 4... so we were there pretty much all day. It was okay though, because we got to talk to some people. Then, we had to email real fast and then go to the Trunk or Treat! It ended up being a really big turn out! Lots of non members and investigators! It was great! We also won "most creative" for the chili contest so... you know.. no big deal!
  We were able to meet with 2 families for the first time this week! One of the families was a part member family. The wife(the member) was a little bit nervous at first, because her and her husband just got married, but it was a really nice lesson, and he agreed to have us come again! The other family hasn't been to church in a long time, because of work, but they just got work off on Sundays, so we said, "So, you are going to be at church Sunday, right?" The husband just smiled and laughed at first, but then finally agreed. 
   Sunday was wonderful! We had more investigators and less-active members at church than I ever have in this area! Alintar and Liliana, one of our investigating couples, finally came. We really didn't expect them, because it has been a long struggle to get them there, but finally they made it! It was a miracle, really! 
   So, overall, a pretty amazing week! I love being a missionary. I hope you all are safe and have a Happy Halloween! Remember that miracles happen every day. You just have to slow down sometimes, so you can look around and recognize them. 

Love, Sister Barber

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