Sister Sydney Barber

Sister Sydney Barber
Sister Sydney Barber

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

           I am going to have to keep this week pretty short and sweet but here are my highlights:
  1. Trisha went to her first addiction recovery class and said it went really really well! She was so cute at church. People kept crying and she kept walking over to them and saying, "Sister!" and then gave them a huge hug! She is such a sweetheart. She is schizophrenic, so she is really different, but it gives her this charm that is unbeatable. She is seriously one of my favorite people ever.
  2. Mika kept cancelling this week, but we are hoping that when we meet with him this week, we will be able to help him figure out priorities. Prioritizing seems to be the real struggle here. 
  3. We met with 2 of our recent converts. Their names are Zion & Kingston. They are the cutest little boys! We read the Book of Mormon stories with them. The amazing thing is that they actually listen!!! They are so good!
  4. We helped Sister Pa'a'aina in her garden. She's an amazing gardener. She is very talented. She gardens and she is a painter as well. We had a lot of fun with her. We planted some taro and other exotic plants. I'm pretty much a pro gardener now, so.. ;)
  5. The transfer is over next week... I am starting to get really anxious, because I have spent 6 months here, and I know how hard it was when I had to leave Ewa Beach after 6 months... I know that the Lord will put me where he needs me, but I also know that that will not make it any less difficult to leave. It will all be okay, I know. So, I just need to keep doing missionary work, and put my whole heart in it until the end. 
Well, I love you all. Keep being awesome! Hopefully I will be able to write more next week!!

Love, Sister Barber

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