Sister Sydney Barber

Sister Sydney Barber
Sister Sydney Barber

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Aloha Nui Loa! 

Well hello there!! This week was super crazy!! So wonderful though! Here's why:

  1. I finished the Book of Mormon again, so I get to start over again!!! Okay.. maybe that's not super crazy, but it is exciting for me! ;)
  2. We met with Tau and his family again on Thursday, and he committed to baptism! He also wants his kids to be baptized! I will not be here for their baptism, but I am so so excited for them! They are so ready!
  3. We were introduced to a woman named Janell by a less-active member. She has two kids and they are soo cute. She didn't actually seem to interested when we were talking to her, but we invited her to come to church anyways. She said that she would.
  4. Kim had her baptismal interview. Elder Greene, our district leader interviewed her. He is super cool and this is actually his last transfer before he goes home. So, we had him interview her. She was super nervous, but he made it better for her. She was very happy and excited when she found out she had "passed." :)
  5. We had a district flood, and we were able to get some new names to visit! Also, some of the people we have been trying to work on for a while now were finally available, so it worked out in a lot of ways!
  6. There is a family that I have visited just about every week since I have been here. It is actually just the mom, the oldest son and the dad. The dad has a lot of health issues, so that is why Vili, the son, is living with them. Well, Vili is amazing. He is such a cool guy! The only thing is that he has a problem with getting to church, because he is addicted to Kawa. So, we have been working with him. It has been getting so much better! He has come to church more often, and he wants to work towards getting his temple endowments and his patriarchal blessing with his mom. I think that it will be really good for them to have a goal to work towards.
  7. Our car got towed.... yeah.. we parked in visitors parking for a couple of hours, because we were finishing our studying after district meeting, and they towed our car... So, we are going to be short 20 dollars each month, until we get it payed off... 
  8. We went to a quincenera!!! One of the YW in our ward was having a quincenera, and we have been doing service for it every week, so President Warner said we could go. It was really awesome! 
  9. So many people came to church!! Janell came! Kim came and she brought her daughter Reese! Tau and his whole family came! It was so awesome!!
  10. We had dinner at the Choi's house. They're so much fun! We always enjoy having dinner and spending time with them. :)
  Something that I learned this week is that as we are obedient and we live the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will find greater happiness in life than we can ever imagine, and we can inspire others to do the same. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!

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