Sister Sydney Barber

Sister Sydney Barber
Sister Sydney Barber

Monday, October 26, 2015


   Hey hey! Here we go!

  1.  Transfers are next week! No news about who's staying or going yet, but we should know soon.. I am terrified! So much is happening in our area right now! I really don't want to leave! I feel like that is why I am going to leave though.. oh well... trust and obey and it will all be okay, I guess. :) 
  2. We have met several times with the Atanoa family this week, and they seem more and more excited every time we talk to them! They're the best! Tau has been keeping his commitments, so we are going to move his baptismal date closer. They are all so ready! I am very excited for them.
  3. Kim wasn't feeling too good this week, but she came to church on Sunday and gave a beautiful testimony! She is an inspiration. I wish you could all meet her, so that she could bless your lives just like she has blessed mine! She is going to do amazing things.
  4. We had dinner with the Choi family, and they were as cute as ever! Their son Joey gets home in a few days, so they were just beaming the whole night, especially Sister Choi. :) I am excited to meet him. I've heard such great things!
  5. The Lloyds and the Coons moved this week. They are some amazing members who did so much for the ward! I am going to miss them a TON, but I know that they will do great things wherever they are. 
  6. There is a family in the ward who is struggling a lot right now.. They have been in and out of homes, and they are battling a court case right now. It has made me so sad. I try not to let it bring me down too much, because I know that I still have work to do, but it is so hard for me to see. I care a lot about the families here, so it breaks my heart to see them in pain. I know that Heavenly Father loves them even more than I do though, so I know that He will take care of them.
Well, that is all I have time for this week, but I will try to make sure that I have more to add next week! I love you all! Thank you for your love and your prayers! Keep doing all that you can to come closer to the Savior! 

Love, Sister Barber

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